Nov 06 15020I’m a creative marketing consultant and journalist who reports on climate, energy and technology with a special focus on improving the built environment through Passive House and Net Zero Carbon. My work has appeared at The Nature Conservancy, The American Surveyor, on design-build firm blogs and a few other places throughout the years.

I cut my reporting teeth at South Dakota State University’s journalism and mass communication program. There I worked as a freelance reporter for the SDSU Collegian covering development projects, current events and entertainment. Prior to that I worked with soil, a nuclear density gauge and a team of bright young engineers at Ground Engineering Consultants in Colorado.

That’s me (bottom left) giving thumbs up alongside 2000-Watt Society WorldHolders at TE Studio in Minneapolis. 

Currently, I serve on the board of Passive House Minnesota, a nonprofit promoting the Passive House building energy standard and the flourishing of the Passive House community through marketing, public outreach, education, and advocacy.  I’m also an advocate for the newly-formed Minneapolis 2000-Watt Society, who is working on a framework for reducing our carbon footprints.

Moral philosophy, psychedelic country-soul and greyhound dogs are just a few things that are close to my heart. Feel free to send me an email or catch me on Twitter.


creative copywriting, video production & marketing consulting